Karl Vaters: Your Church Needs to Get the Basics Right Before Trying the Extras

There are so many great tools available to churches today.

From social media, to audio and video tools, to cool giveaways for first-time guests.

But none of that matters until you’re doing the essentials well.

Be Good, Not Fancy

This week I went to a restaurant with a large group of people. When the server took our order she didn’t write anything down. She said she could keep it all in her head.

That’s impressive.


She didn’t get the order right.

And she wasn’t available later when we needed something. And the food wasn’t great (not her fault, but still…).

Not having to write down the order will impress people for a moment or two. But what’s even more impressive (though less noticeable) is a server who gets the order right. And serves great food. And is available when needed.

There’s no sense doing the extras if you’re failing on the basics.

Get The Church Essentials Right

It’s the same in our churches.

Don’t spend your time on cool new ideas until you’ve got the essentials locked down.

  • Preach the Word with passion and truth
  • Love each other
  • Welcome guests with genuine friendliness
  • Forgive when you’re slighted
  • Support the weak and vulnerable
  • Make disciples

A cool new church logo is nice. But it’s not nearly as impressive or important as a church that’s doing the essentials well.

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Source: Christianity Today