Apple May Be Making Its iMac Pros and MacBook Pros Harder to Fix

When your computer breaks, it’s always recommended to go back to the manufacturer before trying other repair options. They are likely to have a guaranteed fix and sometimes can do it free of charge, with third-parties coming in handy if the fix is simple or if the manufacturer is charging too much.

For users of Apple’s iMac Pro and 2018 MacBook Pros, however, the manufacturer and its authorized service partners may soon be the only option.

According to documents received by MacRumors and Motherboard, the computers will need to run a proprietary piece of Apple diagnostic software once parts are replaced before computer can be used again, locking users out otherwise.

The new policy affects repairs for the 2018 MacBook Pro’s display, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, casing, keyboard, battery, trackpad, speakers and internal logic board, MacRumors said. On the iMac Pro, the site says the new policy only applies to repairs for the logic board and for flash storage.

As Motherboard notes, Apple has done something similar in the past with replacing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on iPhones, requiring them to go through a machine before the sensor, which doubles as the home button, could be replaced.

Apple did not immediately respond to a USA TODAY request for comment.

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Source: USA Today