There Is a Devil Loose: Shocking Moment a Suspect Sneaks Up Behind Two Officers and Knocks Them Out With a Pick Axe Before Fleeing Police Station in India

This the shocking moment an arrested man escaped a police station by knocking two officers unconscious – with a pick axe.

Police arrested Vishnu Rajawat, 25, and a friend for violating the peace, but instead of locking them up, they left them to sit outside the cell without handcuffs.

Shocking footage shows him creeping up behind constables Umesh Babu and Gajraj Singh with a pick axe – and smashing them over the head.

Police officers Umesh Babu and Gajraj Singh were knocked unconscious by the arrested man who used a tool left behind by workmen renovating the station.

Rajawat and his pal were caught within three hours of their escape from the station in Bhind district of Madhya Pradesh, India, on September 10.

Superintendent of Police Rudolf Alvarez said: ‘The accused attacked the two constables using a tool lying there for some construction work.

‘Umesh Babu, who is seriously injured, has been referred to a Delhi hospital for better treatment. Gajraj has been admitted in a hospital in Gwalior.’

Rajawat now faces fresh charges of attempt to murder and causing hurt, officers said.

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Source: Daily Mail