‘The Middle’ Star Atticus Shaffer Reveals How He Has Kept His Faith in Hollywood

Atticus Shaffer, star of ABC’s “The Middle,” a popular sitcom that went off the air earlier this year after a nine-year run, is an outspoken Christian who has openly shared his perspective on faith, Hollywood and the harrowing journey he has faced to overcome the side effects of osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle-bone disease.

Shaffer, 20, recently took audience questions during an appearance on PureFlix.com’s “Pure Talk,” revealing, among other issues, how he has navigated the complex world of Hollywood without compromising his faith.

“You keep your focus on Him,” he said of God. “You talk with Him about everything.”

Shaffer also shared his two favorite books of the Bible: John and Isaiah. He noted that he and his mother do a daily Bible study, bouncing back and forth between the Old and New Testaments in an effort to more deeply understand the unity of the Scriptures.

“One of my mom’s favorites — and it became mine as well — is John, because it talks a lot about healing and about what we have been given … the gifts of the spirit when we accept Jesus as Lord,” he said.

As for Isaiah, Shaffer said the Old Testament book is “incredibly powerful,” as it offers prophetic messages and encouragement for strength that believers can have when they go into the world.

On a personal and professional level, Shaffer said he finds joy in getting to be a storyteller in Hollywood — and said that he’s hoping to be able to tell powerful stories through his production company, while also continuing to perform in new projects.

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Source: Christian Post