Stray Dog from Afghanistan Experiences Grass for the First Time After U.S. Army Camp Sends Him to America

Adventures of Arty/Facebook

Arty was once among the numerous stray dogs left to waste away on the streets of Afghanistan. Now he has a home, family — and a whole green yard all to himself.

The happy white dog got here thanks to a successful GoFundMe campaign, which included a $2,000 donation from Dog Chow.

Arty earned so many fans because of his friendliness. In Afghanistan, the former stray was a regular visitor to a U.S. Army camp in the country. The skinny canine quickly became a favorite among the soldiers, providing them with comfort, cuddles and protection. All he asked for in return was a little bit of food and lots of pats.

Adventures of Arty/Facebook

So when the team looking after Arty was preparing to leave Afghanistan, they started to worry about what would happen to Arty once they were gone. A warrant officer on the base named Eric decided to find a way to take the dog with them, arranging for Arty to go to a group in Kabul called Nowzad.

Nowzad works to send stray cats and dogs from war zones to the U.S., so they can start new lives. Unfortunately, making these furry dreams come true is time-consuming, expensive and dangerous.

This didn’t deter Eric or his family. Eric’s sister Teresa Ridenhour set up a GoFundMe to help Arty’s Army buddies raise the money needed to get the loyal pup to America.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Kelli Bender