Sister Loretta Devine Says Search Results Saying She Was Married to Lamar Tyler Are ‘Fake News’

Loretta Devine
Loretta Devine

Someone really wants to be married to Loretta Devine … ’cause the actress was the target of an Internet prank involving her “spouse.”

A Google search for Loretta and her husband falsely stated she was once married to Lamar Tyler and they had a kid … so we caught up with the “Grey’s Anatomy” star at LAX and asked about the whole ordeal.

The internet says I was married to somebody named Lamar Tyler . Who is that ? Says I had a kid ? I don’t know nothing about birthing no baby! Answers Africa you too wrong. Why? They making stuff up? Fake news ya’ll. — Loretta Devine (@lodivadevine) August 21, 2018

Loretta says the mix-up resulted in people getting her real spouse Glenn Marshall’s name wrong at a charity benefit.

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