WATCH: Rock Church Pastor Miles McPherson’s Message Regarding Overcoming Racial Division in America Today

Depending on which side of the bike ride to school he was on, former NFL standout Miles McPherson would receive seemingly contradictory racial insults.

Being multi-racial provided McPherson with a unique perspective on racism. He explained to Faithwire in a recent interview that he caught flak for being both black – and not black enough – at the same time.

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Now the pastor of rapidly growing Rock Church in San Diego, California, McPherson is using his childhood in New York and getting “harassed” in both black and white neighborhoods as inspiration to help a divided nation deal with ongoing race issues.

“I wrote this book (The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nationbecause in every race conversation and all these issues in our culture it’s always about us versus them,” McPherson told Faithwire. “The third option is to honor what we have in common instead of looking at you and deciding ‘are you on my side or their side?’”

“We’re 99.5% genetically identical. We’re made in the image of the same God. We both want to have relationships and get along. So why can’t we focus on that and figure out how to do that?”

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“People put themselves into groups,” he said, talking about our natural tendency to cling to what we know and what is familiar.

“If you put yourself in a group you understand the people who are like you really well. You don’t understand the people who are not like you. And so you have this ongoing story that keeps repeating itself about yourself, and this ongoing story that repeats itself about other people,” McPherson says.

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Source: Christian Post

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