Kellyanne Conway’s Husband, George Conway, Rebukes Trump Over Obama ’57 States’ Tweet

George Conway
George Conway

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George Conway, took aim at the president on Twitter Friday over President Trump’s criticism of his predecessor, former President Obama.

In a tweet, George Conway, a conservative lawyer, criticized Trump for mocking Obama for a 2008 gaffe in which he mistakenly said he visited “57 states” during his first presidential run.

“When President Obama said that he has been to ’57 States,’ very little mention in Fake News Media. Can you imagine if I said that…story of the year!” Trump had written in his tweet.

Conway responded on Twitter, saying that there is a “huge difference” between Obama’s mistake and Trump’s “witless prevarication on virtually all topics, large and small.”

“Needless to say, there’s a huge difference between an isolated slip of the tongue and ceaseless, shameless, and witless prevarication on virtually all topics, large and small,” Conway responded.

Trump’s tweet followed the former president’s recent return to the campaign trail to support some Democratic candidates ahead of November’s midterm elections.

Earlier this month, Obama stumped for several California Democrats, issuing several veiled shots at Trump during his remarks.

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