Judge Awards Pro-marriage Pastor, Richard Penkoski, $10,000 in Internet Harassment Case

Pastor Richard Penkoski
Pastor Richard Penkoski

MARTINSBURG, West Virginia – A Christian pastor and his wife emerged victorious from court last week when a magistrate ruled a woman who had previously agreed to stop harassing them online broke the terms of that agreement.

Now, Rev. Richard Penkoski, pastor of the Warriors for Christ online ministry, is offering to help other Christians fight back and use the courts against online defamation and threats of violence.

Penkoski thinks he is the target for online harassment because of his ministry’s stand on the “sinfulness” of homosexual acts and its opposition to same-sex “marriage.” His ministry organizes events such as an upcoming protest against a “drag queen story hour” at a public library. His account has been blocked by Facebook for days at a time for posting content critical of the LGBT agenda.

A screen capture of a Facebook post from July 2 this year shows Paula Bowers, a resident of Olathe, Kansas, alleging on social media that the Christian pastor was then under investigation by the federal government of the United States.

“He’s gotten out of dozens of organized fraud charges in the past,” alleged Bowers. “And so, every day he remotely accesses all of our accounts and phones like he is entitled to.”

The pastor has been called online a “perverted degenerate,” and has been accused of “violating” children. The pastor and his wife have been called “freaks. Stalkers, liars, predators and criminals.”

According to the 42-year-old Christian pastor, the online nastiness against him, his wife, Amanda Penkoski, and their six children started in January this year and it was only after months of it that they took legal action, eventually hammering out an agreement with Bowers in April.

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SOURCE: James Risdon