Fitbit Helps Police Bust 90-Year-Old Man who Allegedly Killed His Stepdaughter

Anthony Aiello, 90, of San Jose, has been arrested in connection with the
Sept. 13 murder of his 67-year-old daughter, Karen Navarra. (Courtesy of
the San Jose Police Department)

A 90-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly killing his stepdaughter after data from her Fitbit showed that she died while his car was parked in the driveway of her San Jose home. Karen Navarra, 67, was found dead in her home on Sept. 13, and the coroner’s office ultimately determined that her multiple skull fractures were “inconsistent with being self-inflicted.” The Mercury News reports that Anthony Vincent Aiello was apprehended after authorities used the woman’s Fitbit Alta HR to determine that her heart stopped beating at the same time her stepfather’s car was caught on surveillance video parked in her driveway. “Comparing the statements provided by Anthony ‘Tony’ Aiello, the video footage of the driveway of the victim’s house and the data from the Fitbit, I believe that Anthony Aiello is responsible for the murder,” San Jose police Detective Brian Meeker wrote in a report. Aiello has denied the allegations, the newspaper reports. Navarra was found slumped in a chair with a knife in her hand, along with “a laceration to her right neck and wounds to the top of her head.” Authorities believe that her death was “staged to appear as though it was a suicide.”


SOURCE: The Daily Beast