Christian Women’s Job Corps Graduate Comes Full Circle

Margaret Roland, once pregnant, single and on drugs, found direction in life through Christian Women’s Job Corps — and now seeks to help others as a local coordinator for the WMU ministry.
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When Margaret Roland talks about the life-changing impact of Christian Women’s Job Corps, she speaks from personal experience.

Roland, a CWJC site coordinator in Florence, Ala., previously was a CWJC participant seeking to gain practical skills to better equip her for life.

She was among more than 130 women and men who gathered for training and fellowship at the Aug. 1-3 Christian Women’s Job Corps/Christian Men’s Job Corps National Meeting hosted by national WMU (Woman’s Missionary Union) at Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center in Talladega, Ala.

“I grew up in poverty,” Roland reflected candidly. “By the time I was 13, my mother kicked me out of the house. That opened up the door to drugs and homelessness…. At the same time, I still was able to graduate from high school.”

Although she made a profession of faith in Christ at age 16, she said she didn’t understand the need to change her lifestyle to match her newfound faith. By age 19, she was pregnant and single with little hope for a stable or successful future.

Asking God to give her a reason to quit using drugs, Roland said her pregnancy became that motivation. “God was like, ‘OK, here’s your reason to stop.’ That’s when I quit doing the drugs. I wanted to be a better mother for my child than what I had growing up.”

At the same time, Roland said she began visiting area churches “searching for God more on a deeper level.” That led to a church member introducing her to Christian Women’s Job Corps.

Going through the program twice at the CWJC site in Guntersville, Ala., Roland acknowledged that she still struggled at times. She eventually moved to Florence, got a job at an area hospital and discovered that through her CWJC classes, mentoring and Bible studies, she had “gained the tools that I needed to succeed.”

Working at the hospital as a phlebotomist for five years, “I was able to save up enough money to work on my credit to be able to buy a home,” Roland recounted. “Once I was able to sign the contract on my home is when I decided that I wanted to help other women overcome the same obstacles that I have. That’s when God started putting Christian Women’s Job Corps on my heart. That was in 2016 and now we are going into our second year of classes.”

One of the primary goals of Christian Women’s Job Corps and Christian Men’s Job Corps is to “equip men and women for life and employment,” said Lena Plunk, WMU’s ministries consultant for mobilization and national CWJC/CMJC coordinator.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press, Trennis Henderson