Christian Groups Condemn Proposed Trump Administration Rule on Benefits for Legal Immigrants

An interfaith coalition that includes several Christian groups has expressed opposition to a new proposed rule from the Department of Homeland Security that would allow for denying green cards to immigrants seeking public benefits.

The proposed rule’s 447-page unofficial copy was released last week, in which the DHS proposed requiring that “all aliens seeking an extension of stay or change of status to demonstrate that they have not received, are not currently receiving, nor are likely to receive, public benefits as defined in the proposed rule.”

“Aliens who seek adjustment of status or a visa, or who are applicants for admission, must establish that they are not likely at any time to become a public charge, unless Congress has expressly exempted them from this ground of inadmissibility or has otherwise permitted them to seek a waiver of inadmissibility,” noted the summary of the proposed rule.

Christian leaders involved in the Interfaith Immigration Coalition denounced the proposed rule in statements released Sunday.

Coalition member Diane Randall, who serves as executive secretary for the Friends Committee on National Legislation, said the proposed rule “lacks compassion and common sense.”

“It goes against every faithful teaching to ensure those who are strangers are welcomed, those who are homeless are sheltered, and those who are hungry are fed,” stated Randall.

“We reject this sweeping definition of public charge; all members of our community – regardless of their immigration status – should have access to the support they need to survive.”

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Source: Christian Post