Casting Crowns Encourages Christians to Unite at Rock the Universe 2018

Casting Crowns sang at “Rock the Universe” 2018 at Universal Orlando Resort this past weekend and just before midnight on Saturday, the band led a candlelight vigil to encourage Christians to unite in the love of God during these “dark times.”

“Right now all you see is dark, you don’t see skin color. You don’t see men, women, you don’t see nationalities or people groups,” frontman Mark Hall said as all the concert lights were shut off and the hundreds in attendance were handed candles to light up.

The audience stood in reverent silence as Hall proceeded to speak on the importance of worship.

“Worship was God’s gift to you because God knew that you weren’t going to need any help asking for stuff. He knew you wouldn’t be good at telling Him you love Him and telling Him thank you,” he explained.

The Georgia-based pastor said he himself realized worship was way more than singing and it was his chance to “go to God in prayer and learn how to thank and love Him, so much more than music.”

“When we worship, God doesn’t need to be reminded about how good He is; we do. Don’t ever miss a chance to love Him with a song,” Hall encouraged.

The band then went into worship, leading the crowd with the song, “Great Are You Lord.”

Everyone in attendance held their candlesticks high as they joined in and sang the lyrics, “It’s your breath/in our lungs/So we pour out our praise to you only/Great are you Lord.”

Hall paused the song to share a message of unity and hope in times when everything seen in the media is divisive.

“Did anybody next to you, did their candle go out? Did you reach over and help them light it back?” the singer inquired. “Before you helped somebody light their candle, did you ask them what color they were? Did you ask them what school they went to, what kind of church they went to? Did you ask them if they were conservative or liberal, or who they voted for? Or did you just reach over and give them the light?”

“Listen, it’s dark out here and we need some more light. It’s time to lay down some things. It’s time to start loving people,” Hall concluded as everyone cheered and went back into worship.

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Source: Christian Post