Alabama High School Football Team Runs Onto Field Holding ‘In God We Trust’ Signs After Pregame Prayer Over Loudspeaker is Banned

An Alabama high school made a political statement with its entrance to the field on Friday night, holding religious signs as a retort to the end of a longstanding practice of reciting a pregame prayer over the stadium loudspeaker.

As noted by Birmingham CBS affiliate WIAT reporter Hillary Simon, the Hayden High School football team ran onto its home field holding signs that read “In God We Trust.” The signs were a reference to the Blount County School District’s agreement to stop broadcasting prayer over the stadium loudspeakers before a game.

While Hayden officials apparently followed through and refrained from any public prayer, they did hold a moment of silence, during which many students and parents still recited the Lord’s Prayer, going so far as to distribute handouts with the Lord’s Prayer printed on it, as you can see below:

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SOURCE: USA Today, Cam Smith