African United Methodist Bishops Reaffirm Church’s Stance Against Homosexual Marriage & Oppose Schism

The United Methodist Church’s African bishops have recently reaffirmed their support for the traditional definition of marriage, as well as opposition over possible schism within the denomination.

The UMC Africa College of Bishops released a statement Monday stemming from their official meeting held Sept. 3-7 in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

According to their statement, the bishops held extensive discussions regarding the denomination’s debate over homosexuality, which many believe may lead to the UMC splitting.

“… we reaffirm our position as traditionalists and view marriage as union between Man and Woman as clearly defined in scripture and affirmed in our COB 2016 statement in Lake Junaluska, and at the Africa extended cabinet (Ghana, February 2018), and at the May 2018 COB in Chicago, Illinois,” stated the bishops.

“… we remain faithfully committed to our consecration vows as Bishops of the church to ‘maintain the unity of the church.'”

Next February, the UMC will hold a special session of General Conference to resolve the debate over whether to change the church body’s official stance against homosexual acts and same-sex marriage.

The African bishops also stated that they reject any proposed plan at the special session that would lead to the mainline denomination splitting over theological differences.