WATCH: Pastor David Bullock Calls Police Officer “Cracker” as he is Being Arrested While Attempting to Help Church Member: “Y’all Going to Let this Cracker Do This S–t?”

Reverend David Bullock was arrested and charged with obstructing police on June 24 while trying to help one of his congregation members who was allegedly assaulted.
Reverend David Bullock was arrested and charged with obstructing police on June 24 while trying to help one of his congregation members who was allegedly assaulted.

A black Michigan pastor was caught on video calling a white officer a ‘cracker’ after he was handcuffed for trying to help out a member of his congregation that was allegedly assaulted.

Reverend David Bullock, who preaches at Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church in Highland, was at first cooperating with police who arrived on the scene to investigate the possible assault of a child by a mentally ill woman.

But Bullock and Detective Keath Bartynski quickly butted heads resulting in the pastor being arrested and in a heated tirade call the cop a ‘cracker’ and shout ‘This is called racism… I asked him a question and now I’m in handcuffs’?

The incident unfolded on June 24 and was caught on police body camera and police car footage in a 17 minute clip uploaded on Tuesday by a third party.

The harrowing clip begins outside of the church where a little girl was seemingly assaulted and was detailing the incident to an officer.

The pastor approached the officer to tell him that the girl and her mother were guests of the church visiting from Virginia. When Officer Bartynski asks for their address, Bullock asks  ‘What’s all this for’ about three minutes into the clip.

‘What’s all what for? Are you serious? She was assaulted by this lady…’Bartynski says.

Bullock responds ‘I’m just asking. I have the right to ask.

‘You have the right to ask but you’re also interfering with my investigation. I’m going to need you to step back,’ the cop replies.

Bartynski warns if he doesn’t step back he’ll get arrested to which Bullock unflinchingly replies ‘arrest me’.

After back and forth the officer aggressively pushes Bullock near the police car, away from where he was interviewing the victim and her mother.

When Bullock doesn’t back off Bartynski angrily says ‘cuff him’ and the pastor is escorted to the police car, as alarmed church goers begin to wail and shout.

Inside the car, Bullock explodes in frustration yelling at church goers clamoring at the scene to call the Mayor, call the news outlets, and take pictures and video of the arrest.

‘This is called racism. Don’t tell me to cooperate. You tell him to act right. I didn’t do anything. I asked him why was he taking the address of a woman from Virginia. What’s the point of that? They’re not pressing charges. I asked a simple question,’ he said shouted from the back of the police car.

‘Y’all the scared-est n***** I’ve ever seen in my life,’ he said.

‘Y’all going to just let this cracker do this s***? Y’all better stand up! Get his badge number!’ he yelled.

The clip ends with Bullock arriving at what appears to be the jail.

The pastor was charged with obstructing police and the case is pending. He believes race was a factor in his arrest, according to the Detroit Free Press.

‘It’s unfortunate, but blacks don’t get the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think you’d see a Catholic priest, or a Jewish rabbi or an Episcopal rector — I don’t think you’d see any of my Caucasian counterparts — be arrested. I believe they’d be recognized and respected as the leader of their congregations,’ Bullock said to The Detroit News.

He’s not sure why the third party posted the video clip, which only shows parts of the police footage released from the day, missing footage from inside the police station.

An investigation into Detective Bartynski who made the arrest is ongoing as well.

Bartynski was placed on administrative leave following the incident but returned to work on July 16.

The Detective was convicted of misdemeanor assault in 2014 for an interaction with a civilian at a bar in 2013.

SOURCE: Daily Mail