UK Cinema Chain That Canceled Screening of Documentary About Ex-Homosexuals Settles Lawsuit With Christian Filmmakers

A U.K.-based cinema chain has settled a lawsuit with Christian filmmakers after it canceled their screening for a film about individuals who’ve abandoned homosexuality.

Premier News reports that Vue Cinemas — which operates nearly 90 theaters in England and Ireland — admitted that it breached the terms of a contract when it banned the film “Voices of the Silenced” from being shown in its theaters.

The movie, made by the Christian group Core Issues Trust, was scheduled to be shown at one of Vue Cinema’s theaters in February when it was canceled with just one day’s notice.

“The claim made relates simply to a technical breach of contract because of the late cancellation of the screen booking and was for a nominal amount,” a Vue Cinema spokesperson said.

Mike Davidson, the film’s producer, said he was “delighted” with the outcome.

“Vue Cinemas has recognized that it was wrong to block us from showing the film,” he said.

Although the film was ultimately shown in a conference room at the Emanuel Centre in Westminster, organizers protested and filed legal action against Vue Cinemas, claiming a breach of contract and sought to be compensated for wasted expenses. This week Vue Cinemas agreed to pay a “nominal” amount to settle the lawsuit.

A spokesperson for the movie theater chain stood by the decision to cancel the screening, saying it was “in direct conflict to our values.”

“Voices of the Silenced,” which highlights the goals of sexual revolutionary politics, was filmed in seven countries and features 15 people who are emerging from the homosexual life who recount their experiences of leaving gay and lesbian relationships behind.

One such voice was a Danish man named Marcel who was physically abused as a child and suicidal. He was exposed to pornography and felt sexually attracted to men during his adolescent and teen years, and had a short-term relationship with a boyfriend. He maintains in the film that therapy helped him understand the roots of his issues and is now living a fulfilled life.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Brandon Showalter