Three Ways to Help You Save More

Have you ever stopped to consider the potential “future value” of the money you spend today? That is, if you were to save it rather than spend it, what would it be worth as you near retirement, say in 20 years?

For example, let’s say you spend $7 each workday for lunch on the job. What if you decided to fast just once a week and save that $7 rather than spend it? Over 20 years, you would accumulate $7,280. Not bad. But if you were to invest that $7 a week in a Roth IRA earning 6%, your small weekly investment would grow to . . . (drum roll) . . . $14,078!

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Surprised? We thought so. Now, start applying that same logic to other adjustments you can make in your lifestyle.

Boost Savings By Changing a Habit

What if you could save $15 a week in gas and parking if you were to carpool or take the bus? You might be more inclined to endure the extra hassle when you realized you were going to have an extra $30,166 waiting for you down the road. And if you buy a latte every day at Starbucks, that’s a whopping $35,194 up in foam.

Do all three… skip one lunch a week, carpool, and give up Starbucks… and you’ve got almost $80,000 extra! Think about it.

Boost Your Savings by Eliminating Impulse Buying

Start looking at “impulse” purchases as one of your most formidable foes in the battle to save more.

Impulse purchases usually violate the following rules for wise shopping: shopping around for the best buys, keeping tight control on the use of your credit card, buying only what you really need, buying what’s practical, and checking carefully for quality.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Austin Pryor

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