Nigerian Imam Who Saved 300 Christians from Deadly Fulani Herdsmen to be Honored by President Buhari

Protesters gather during a demonstration against Fulani herdsmen killings, in Abuja, Nigeria March 16, 2017.

A Muslim religious leader will be honored for saving close to 300 Christians from Fulani herdsmen who wanted to kill them.

83-year-old Alhaji Abdullahi Abubakar, a Nigerian imam from the village of Nghar in Plateau State, is set to receive on Wednesday a national honor from President Muhammadu Buhari for his actions on June 24.

“I hid the women in my personal house and after that, I took the men into the mosque and hid them there,” Abubakar explains in an article in The Eagle Online.

The Christians, who have been slaughtered in mass this past year in Fulani raids, sought refuge from the armed radicals, who invaded 15 communities on that day.

When the Fulani arrived at Abubakar’s house, however, the imam claimed that the people inside were all Muslims, leading the herdsmen to move their search elsewhere.

BBC News earlier reported that the herdsmen strongly suspected that the Christians had been sheltered by the imam, but still he did not allow them entry, despite fears they might burn down the mosque and his house.

Abubakar even prostrated himself on the floor in front of the radicals, crying and wailing, demanding that they leave.

And while the Fulani did agree to leave, they set two nearby churches on fire.

Simon Lalong, Plateau State governor, said that the imam will receive “a handshake and national honor” from Buhari.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov