Mike Pence to Reveal Trump’s Plan for ‘Space Force’ in Speech on Thursday

(FILE) Vice President Mike Pence will visit the Pentagon on Thursday to discuss the future of the US military in space, including the potential for establishing President Donald Trump’s proposed Space Force, multiple US officials tell CNN.

President Donald Trump’s “Space Force” idea is no joke.

During a speech at the Pentagon at 11:15 a.m. EDT (1515 GMT) tomorrow (Aug. 9), Vice President Mike Pence will outline the administration’s plan to create a new branch of the military focused on defending the ultimate high ground, The Washington Post reported today (Aug. 8).

Pence’s speech alone won’t establish the Space Force; setting up a new military branch requires congressional approval, The Post noted. The U.S. military currently consists of five branches — the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard — and a new one hasn’t been created since the Air Force got off the ground in 1947.

The Space Force idea, which Trump first floated publicly in March 2018, has been controversial within military circles. For example, some folks have raised objections about creating another government entity to do work already under the Air Force’s purview. (And Air Force officials are generally nonplussed, of course, about potentially losing some of the branch’s responsibilities and funding.)

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SOURCE: Space.com, Mike Wall