Michael Brown Writes an Open Letter to Chelsea Clinton About Abortion

Chelsea Clinton (L) speaks as U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton look on at a campaign rally at the Clark County Government Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 19, 2016.

Dear Chelsea,

I’m not writing to berate you or give you a religious lecture. I’m appealing to you as the loving and devoted mother of your two precious children, Charlotte and Aidan.

As a mother, you experienced what I can never experience as a man. You understand what it is to conceive a child inside your own womb. You know the excitement of telling your husband, “We’re having a baby!”

You experienced your body going through changes. You saw the first glimpse of your little one on an ultrasound. You even heard your baby’s heartbeat.

You felt those first kicks and movements. You watched your body grow to accommodate this amazing new life. And then you birthed that life into the world.

The father’s joy is amazing – that I can attest to firsthand. But the joy of the mother is more amazing still.

I can see it in your eyes as you gaze at Charlotte in 2014.

I can hear it in your words as you welcomed Aidan into the world in 2016.

All of which leads to my first question to you, Chelsea.

At what point did Charlotte become your daughter or Aidan your son? Or, more fundamentally, at what point did Charlotte become Charlotte or Aidan become Aidan? Or, even more fundamentally still, at what point did Charlotte and Aidan become human? Was it not the moment they were conceived?

Did you ever consider that, at conception, “A new individual receives 23 chromosomes from each parent. He or she is truly a unique individual human being, never to be repeated. A new person has been created, who at this stage is a tiny living organism weighing only 15 ten-millionth of a gram. Life begins.”

Isn’t this amazing?

Did you realize that:

18 days from conception, heart begins to beat, with the baby’s own blood.

28 days from conception a baby has eyes, ears, and even a tongue!

28 days from conception: Muscles are developing along the future spine. Arms and legs are budding.

30 days: Child has grown 10,000 times to 6-7mm (1/4″) long. Brain has human proportions. Blood flows in veins.

This all happens within the first 30 days!

Why, then, are you supportive of abortion? Why would you advocate taking the gift of life from other Charlottes and Aidans?

I’m not sure when you and your husband chose names for your children, but maybe you did so when you learned you were having a girl or a boy, probably somewhere between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. Yet millions of babies have been aborted after 16 or even 20 weeks of pregnancy – millions of Charlottes and Aidans.

And since the vast majority of those precious little humans were thriving in their mother’s wombs, their lives had to be terminated forcefully. That means being ripped apart or sliced up or suctioned into pieces or burned alive in saline.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Brown

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