John Piper Answers the Question “What is My Reason for Existence?”

Reformed theologian and head of the popular website John Piper has recently offered up his answer to the timeless question of life’s purpose.

In an episode of the podcast “Ask Pastor John” that was posted to on Monday, a listener named Tyler asked the question of “why.”

“… what is the overarching concept for my life, my reason for existence, and relationship with God?” Tyler inquired. “I know if I better understood this, I could dive into the details and perform them more effectively and joyfully within the larger context.”

Piper responded by saying that the big purpose for his life and the lives of others was to “live to make Christ look magnificent.”

“Almost everything I’ve done in the last fifty years has been a working out of what it means that God created the universe for his glory. The greatness of being human is to join him in that eternal purpose,” said Piper.

“Everything else finds its ground and its significance in God’s purpose to create and do all acts of providence and all acts of redemption for his glory.”

Piper explained to Tyler that if he keeps “in view this great overarching purpose,” then he can “be able to dive into the painful and happy particulars of your life.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Michael Gryboski