If You Believe You Are Sinless, Don’t Read This

Not long ago I was scheduled to speak at our church in Hawaii, Harvest Kumulani Chapel, on a Sunday morning. A couple of nights before, I noticed my legs were throbbing when I went to sleep. I had never had that before, and the next night it was even worse.

When I went to church that Sunday, a man walked up to me before the service and introduced himself. He was a retired doctor and was interested in ways he could potentially use his skills to serve the Lord on the mission field.

As we were talking, I said, “Well, Doc, I hate to bug you, but I have a question.” I’m guessing this always happens to doctors. I explained to him how my legs were hurting, and he asked me all kinds of questions. After a while, he told me that I had restless leg syndrome.

“Do you take magnesium now?” he asked.


“Take magnesium,” he said. “I’ll get you some. I want to get you just the right kind.”

So afterward I went over to his house, and he gave me a bottle of magnesium pills. He told me to take them right away and that I would feel better in a few hours. Three hours later, the pain was gone.

Pain comes our way in life, and it brings us to God, who gives us the solution to our pain. I didn’t like the pain in my legs, but it brought me to the one who could remove the pain. When we have sin in our lives and come to God, he says, “Here’s what you need to do: you need to confess your sin.” First John 1:9 says that “if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (NKJV).

What does it mean to confess our sin? It’s a word that means to agree. Let’s say that you and I walk outside and look up in the sky. I say, “Look at that cloud up there. That’s a beautiful cloud formation.”

“I agree,” you say. “That is really beautiful, isn’t it?”

We just agreed on something. In the same way, God says, “That’s a sin, and I don’t like it.”

When you say, “I agree. I don’t like it either,” you agree with God. You see it for what it is. You don’t make excuses for it. You don’t rationalize it. You own it. You take personal responsibility. As a result, the Bible says that God is “faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” He wipes the slate clean.

Some Christians may say they don’t need to do that because they’re justified before God. It is true that when you become a Christian, you’re justified, which means that all your sin is forgiven and the righteousness of Christ is placed into your spiritual account, if you will. You’re a child of God.

Confessing your sin, however, is not so that you become a child of God. Rather, confessing your sin is something you should do as a child of God. It is not about whether you’re a child of God. It is about whether you’re a child of God in close fellowship and communion with your Father.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Greg Laurie

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