England’s National Health Service Faces Lawsuit for Not Funding Fertility Services for Transgender People Who Want Children

England’s National Health Service is being threatened with legal action for not funding fertility services for transgender individuals before they undergo hormone treatments and sex-change operations that lead to sterility.

The Independent reports that on Aug. 3 the Equality and Human Rights Commission, which “enforces equality legislation for protected characteristics” such as gender reassignment and sexual orientation, “took the first step toward a judicial review by writing a pre-action letter to NHS England.” The group argued that the NHS’ policy of not paying to store sperm or eggs belonging to transgender individuals is “outdated.”

“A choice between treatment for gender dysphoria and the chance to start a family is not a real choice. We have asked NHS England to reflect on the true breadth of their statutory mandate and the impact on the transgender community of these outdated policies,” the EHRC’s letter to the NHS said in part.

The demand for gender reassignment surgeries in the U.K. has increased since the NHS began offering the procedures in 1999.

A British mother whose 20-year-old daughter first started saying she was transgender when she was 15, believes the EHRC’s demands reflect mixed up priorities on the part of the government and NHS, and that they have brought this on themselves.

In an interview with The Christian Post on condition of anonymity, the woman said she believes her daughter is caught up in the social contagion and phenomenon known as rapid onset gender dysphoria.

“I blindly trusted the NHS therapists but understood very little about their methods or therapy,” she said, recounting her ordeal. “In just five sessions she was diagnosed as transgender and was cleared for hormone treatment. Neither I nor her father were contacted to discuss her situation until afterward. She has since been diagnosed with ADHD.”

She added that had she known the therapy would be so affirming, she would never have allowed her to be treated by the NHS.

“Adolescents brains are not fully formed until around 25, and so their logic and decision-making is not yet mature enough to handle such a decision.”

Her daughter is reportedly aware of the fertility issues at stake and maintains she does not want any biological children of her own and does not want to extract and freeze her eggs.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, Brandon Showalter