41 Percent of White Evangelicals Say They Support Trump Regardless of Whether or Not He Delivers on Policies That Matter to Them

Local residents react as U.S. President Donald Trump arrives at a rally in Huntington, West Virginia, U.S., August 3, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Forty-one percent of white evangelicals said they back President Donald Trump regardless if he delivers on the policies that matter to them.

A poll released Sunday by CBS News measured Americans’ attitudes toward the president based on a variety of issues, such as the Russian election meddling investigation, and others.

Of the 2,420 adults surveyed by YouGov between July 26-28, 28 percent said that they would describe themselves as a born-again or evangelical Christians, while 8 percent said they are not sure if they fall into that category.

On the question of feelings about Trump, 41 percent of white evangelicals agreed with the statement, “I am a strong Trump supporter, period,” while 29 percent chose the option that they back Trump but he has to “deliver what I want” to maintain that support. Another 13 percent said that they oppose the president now, “but could reconsider him if he does a good job.” On the other hand, 17 percent of white evangelicals declared that they are “strongly against Trump, period.”

White evangelicals also felt positive about Trump on various issues, with 73 percent insisting he is doing a good job when it comes to handling the economy, while 27 percent disagreed.

Opinions were more split when it comes to how Trump is handling the Russia investigation, with 59 percent of white evangelicals backing the president, compared to 41 percent who say he is doing a bad job.

When it comes to the president’s personal behavior, though no specific examples were offered, 45 percent of white evangelicals said that he is acting as they would expect. Thirty-two percent said his behavior is better than they expected, and 23 percent said that it is worse.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov