Why the Church Needs More Theologically Minded Worship Leaders

It’s no secret that modern-day worship leaders are largely perceived as theological lightweights. We aren’t exactly known for our rigorous study of Scripture or creedal precision. Are we hip? Probably. Talented? Maybe. But theologically astute? Unlikely.

Knowing About God vs. Knowing God

Growing up in church, I’ve encountered worship leaders from across the denominational spectrum, too few of whom know their Bibles well enough to articulate even the most basic doctrines of the Christian faith. More than once, I’ve actually heard worship leaders promulgate the cliché “I don’t want to know about God; I want to know Him.” That’s simply impossible. You can’t actually know a person in any meaningful way while remaining ignorant about that person. Therefore, worship leaders, as people desiring to know God, should strive for theological excellence. To know God—and to lead others to know Him—we must know about Him.

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After all, we bear the colossal responsibility of standing before our congregations every week, inviting them to revel in the glorious doctrines of biblical and historical Christianity, such as the Trinity, Christ’s Incarnation and penal substitutionary atonement. Our unique purpose as worship leaders is to help people speak (or sing) the truth in love in order to build up the church toward greater unity and maturity (cf. Eph. 4:13-16, 5:19). But how can we fulfill this purpose if our knowledge of that truth receives little priority?

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