What Is Going On? White Man Calls 911 Because He Was Fouled by a Black Opponent During Gym Pickup Basketball Game – So the Police Are Called to Referee Games Now?

A white man has been slammed for calling 911 on a black opponent who hard fouled him during a pickup basketball game on Monday.

The incident happened at LA Fitness in Dulles, Virginia. Neither of the men involved has been identified but the incident was described on social media by another man who played with them.

He shared a photograph of them standing with a police officer outside the court.

‘Today, for the first time in my life, I experienced someone call the police because they got fouled hard in basketball,’ said the Twitter user TrapMoneyBenney as he uploaded the post.

He went on to describe how the two men had been playing together when the taller, black man ‘screened’ the other, knocking him to the ground.

‘He gets up, tells everyone he’s going to call the police and walks out leaving everyone in the gym confused.

‘We thought he was joking till we saw buddy at the front desk really calling police,’ he wrote.

When the police officer arrived, he pulled the two men out of the gym to settle their dispute.

‘Cop finally comes and brings them out the gym to talk like it was an elementary school fight.

‘You could tell he was blown cause his time was wasted,’ the Twitter user said of the police officer.

Surprisingly, after the officer left, the group resumed their game.

The man who had caused the fuss was then subjected to taunting from others who filmed him on the court and called him a ‘snitch’.

The Twitter account of their story has now gone viral.

There is no footage of the screen which led to the incident and no one has been charged.

Those who reacted to it online were quick to compare the man to other white people who have made headlines in recent weeks for calling the police in seemingly innocent situations during a disagreement with a black person.

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Source: Daily Mail