The Day Greg Laurie Found Meaning in Life

I think we all have questions we would like to ask God. How wonderful would it be to sit down to a cup of coffee with Jesus and say, “I have a few things I wanted to ask you about.”

We’re all searching in life. We’re all searching for something. At a very young age I started asking, “What is the meaning of life?” This was because I had to grow up fast, being raised in an alcoholic home with a mom who was absent and really no father to speak of. I was searching for purpose and meaning in my life. I thought there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing.

As a young boy I started experimenting. I got into the party scene. I started getting drunk. And then I got into drugs. I heard that drugs would make you more aware, and it was true. I took drugs and became more aware of how empty I was.

I was searching. I didn’t know what I was on this earth for. For me it became a process of elimination. Even before I became a Christian, I saw the dead-end street of drinking, and I certainly saw it in drugs as some of my friends already were seeing their lives unravel. I also saw the effects in my own life. “If it isn’t in those things,” I thought, “where is it?” It wasn’t in the world of affluence I had seen my mother living in. Where was the answer?

I used to hang around in Newport Beach, trying to look tough with my hair hanging in my eyes. I remember watching Christians hand out their little religious booklets. I was always thinking, “Come and talk to me.” I wanted to talk to them, but I was too proud to ask for help. They would quickly shove one of their booklets in my direction, and I would take it and put it into my pocket as though I didn’t care. But I never threw those booklets away. I took them home and put them into a drawer I thought of as my God drawer. Any literature that was religious in nature got thrown into that drawer. I had religious literature from every group imaginable.

Every now and then I would empty the drawer and sit on my bed, trying to figure it all out, wondering how I could find life’s meaning.

But something was happening on my high-school campus. The Jesus Movement was underway, and a bunch of very outspoken Christians at my high school were following Christ. One of my friends had even warned me, “Laurie, careful. There are a lot of Jesus freaks on this campus.”

“Oh right,” I said sarcastically. “As if Greg Laurie is going to become a Jesus freak.”

I dismissed those Christians. I thought they were nuts. But then there was this really cute girl, and I saw one of my friends talking to her. I had never met her before, but there was something special about her, and I wanted to meet her. So I walked up and waited for a break in the conversation. As they were chatting away, I looked down at the books she was carrying. One of them had a black leather cover with a ribbon coming out of it.

“Oh, no,” I thought. “It’s a Bible! She’s a Jesus freak. What a waste of a perfectly cute girl!” But I said hello to her anyway.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Greg Laurie

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