Pastor Steven Furtick Says If You Don’t Doubt the Bible, You’re Not Reading It

If you don’t have doubts about the Bible, chances are you are not reading it or don’t plan on living according to its message, Steven Furtick, pastor of the popular Elevation Church in North Carolina, said.

In a recent message discussing his faith walk, Furtick admitted to his congregation that sometimes he struggled to believe what the Bible says.

“I have my doubts. I read that whom the Son sets free is free indeed but sometimes I feel bound by stuff. I have my doubts. Is that alright? Do you need to find another church now that you know that the dude with the mic has some doubts?” Furtick revealed after sharing a story about how it is generally assumed by some people that because he is a pastor he never struggles with doubt.

“I meet these people and they say things to me, because of my profession I guess, they make assumptions about me, because there’s a Rev. in front of my name. They make assumptions about me that I don’t have real doubts,” he explained.

“One gentleman that I was doing business with, he put it this way. He was like ‘I envy you because I would love to have faith. I always wanted to believe in God. But I’m just always, I’m the kind of person that doubts a lot. And I envy you that you don’t have those doubts,'” Furtick said.

The megachurch pastor explained that having doubt doesn’t mean a lack of faith.

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Source: Christian Post