Museum of the Bible & Pure Flix to Offer Membership Benefits to Visitors, VIP Events

Pure Flix and the Museum of the Bible have started a partnership to offer membership benefits to people who visit the museum.

In an announcement made last week, Pure Flix said people can take advantage of  “membership promotions for both the museum and Pure Flix’s streaming service, Pure Flix sponsorship of movie events at Museum of the Bible’s World Stage Theater, and joint VIP events at the museum.”

Pure Flix is an independent faith and family entertainment studio, and the Museum of the Bible, which opened in Washington, D.C. in November 2017, is an interactive museum where visitors can engage with the history and the impact of the Bible.

Since its opening, the museum has seen a record number of visitors. As of May 2018, the museum reported approximately 565,000 people had visited.

The Christian Post toured the museum ahead of its opening and featured 10 interesting things to see at the museum which holds hundreds of artifacts, centuries-old pieces of translated scriptures, and Bibles owned by historic religious and political leaders. The museum also offers real-life illustrations, programs, and experiences that will give visitors a taste of what it was like in Israel during the time of Christ.

Steve Green, one of the co-founders of the museum, told CP in a previous interview that two of the common comments that stand out to him “is they didn’t have enough time, many visitors say, because you can spend hours or days in the museum. The other is that it exceeded their expectations.”

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Source: Christian Post