More Than 500 People Who Rode a Zipline in Tennessee Are Sick With E. Coli

A trip down the zipline ended in misery and vomit for more than 500 people who visited Gatlinburg, Tennessee this summer.

The Tennessee Department of Health found E. coli bacteria present in the water at CLIMB Works ziplining tours in the Great Smoky Mountains, as The Knoxville News Sentinel reported.

At least 548 sick people have said they ziplined at CLIMB Works between mid-June and early July. The tree-topping tours include water stops, and the coolers are filled with well water, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. That’s likely where the contamination came from.

Emily Oney, who vacationed in the area with her family, wrote on Facebook that she visited the zipline with a group of seven other people on June 31. By the following afternoon, six of them were “throwing up and terribly sick,” she said.

“Upon further investigation, I found a review online from Sunday where more families were claiming to be sick from the contaminated coolers of water on the course,” Oney said. “Do not drink the water here.”

CLIMB Works, which bills itself as the top-rated zipline tour in Tennessee, responded to Oney saying the company feels “awful” if it had “any part in anyone getting sick.”

“We worry something might have contaminated the water during the dates of your visit,” the company wrote. It turned out to be a dangerous strain of a common bacteria.

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SOURCE: Business Insider, Hilary Brueck