Christopher Doyle: Pro-Life Supreme Court Decision Is Good News for Religious Liberty, Sexual Freedom, & ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bans

Usually when the phrase “sexual freedom” is uttered, one thinks of ideas such as free love and sexual liberation. But with the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex unions across the country, homosexual activists began to make a strategic change of course – from securing rights for the oppressed to oppressing the rights of those who seek freedom from homosexual and transgender behavior.

Beginning in 2012, homosexual activists began pushing legislation to ban so-called “gay conversion therapy” – for minors first, and now adults – that experience unwanted same-sex attractions and gender identity conflicts. The most egregious of these bills is currently making its way through the California legislature – AB 2943 would define any effort by a licensed therapist or non-licensed religious counselor or pastor that seeks to help a person change their sexual orientation or resolve unwanted gender identity conflicts – as consumer fraud.

This horrific bill would make it illegal for even an unlicensed church counselor to help a child that was molested by a pedophile understand why he may be experiencing sexual confusion, and help him work through the unwanted erotic impulses that may result. To date, thirteen liberal states and over three dozen cities have banned licensed professional counselors from helping clients find freedom from these unwanted behaviors.

On June 12, 350 members of the faith community, including over 20 former homosexuals, canvassed Sacramento to testify of the freedom they received from professional counseling and spiritual support. Each member of the legislature was given a book of 37 testimonies, with the names and stories of real people who once struggled, but now experience freedom from their unwanted sexual and gender identity conflicts.

But that didn’t matter to AB 2943’s chief sponsor – Assembly member Evan Low, an openly gay-identified man – or the democrats that dismissed their testimonies and disrespected their objections, that the bill would violate their fundamental religious freedoms. Rather, the liberals stuck to their ideology, that so-called “gay conversion therapy” is a harmful practice that uses outlandish practices such as electroshock therapy and other archaic methods to shame gay people into turning straight.

An utterly ridiculous notion, “gay conversion therapy” is a farce – a term made-up by gay activists to vilify and demonize professional counselors and religious ministers who, out of compassion and love, seek to help those sincerely distressed by unwanted attractions that are unnatural to who they really believe they are. I was once one of those men – but today, I am walking in freedom with my beautiful wife, and together we have five wonderful children!

In my work as a licensed counselor, I have also helped hundreds of men, women, and families find healing and freedom. That is why I co-founded the National Task Force for Therapy Equality and Voice of the Voiceless in 2013 – to fight against the fraudulent campaigns of gay activists who are seeking to take away the freedoms of former homosexuals to live their lives according to their faith values and personal convictions.

After six years of witnessing gay activists fraudulently testify in front of dozens of state legislatures and city councils, our Task Force documented many egregious lies and submitted a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against three of the largest gay activist organizations that are peddling unscientific and deceptive propaganda – Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

We describe, in detail, how these gay activists have engaged in deceptive marketing practices; supported witnesses that have delivered false testimony; raised large sums of money to ban therapy while using fraudulent practices; distorted the scientific research on successful efforts to change sexual orientation; perpetrated lies in promoting the “born gay” hoax; and engaged in smear and defamatory attacks on licensed therapists and faith-based ministries providing help and assistance to those who experience sexual and gender identity conflicts. The complaint, titled: “In Their Own Words – Lies, Deception, and Fraud” can be found on our websites at:

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Source: Christian Post

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