Christian Doctor in Australia Investigated by Medical Board for Retweeting Posts Against Transgender Ideology

A Christian conservative doctor is reportedly being investigated by the prosecutorial arm of the Medical Board of Australia for retweeting posts that were critical of “radical gender indoctrination” of children.

Dr. David van Gend, a general practitioner from Toowoomba, Queensland, recently found himself in hot water months after he retweeted posts by Conservative Party Senate candidate Lyle Shelton.

One of the tweets in question featured a picture of Shelton posing at an event in Brisbane with Ryan Anderson, a senior fellow at the Washington-based Heritage Foundation and a prominent critic of transgender ideology who authored “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.”

The other tweet was Shelton’s promotion of an article by conservative columnist Miranda Devine. The article criticized gender fluidity classes in schools and was titled “SSM (same-sex marriage) has led exactly where we were warned it would.”


According to a Devine column posted on Saturday by The Daily Telegraph, van Gend received a “notification about your conduct” from The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency two weeks ago — three months after he retweeted Shelton.

AHPRA, which reportedly has authority to apply criminal sanctions on doctors, informed van Gend that a complaint was filed questioning his professional conduct and told him that he was being investigated for violating board policies.

AHPRA alleged that the doctor may be guilty of “discriminatory conduct” because of his retweets.

“Van Gend, a conservative Christian, retweeted these tweets without comment. That is the sum total of his offending,” Devine wrote.

More specifically, the AHPRA notification contended that while van Gend has presented himself as a medical practitioner, he has provided information that is “clearly not medically, psychologically, not scientifically based.”

“The practitioner has ‘retweeted’ Mr. Lyle Shelton’s tweets promoting books that ‘push back on radical gender indoctrination of children’, and an article titled ‘SSM has led exactly where we warned it would,'” the complaint reads.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Samuel Smith