CBN’s WH Correspondent David Brody Says Many Evangelicals Believe Trump Is ‘God’s Chosen’

Discussing the fight over the Supreme Court vacancy following Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement, Christian Broadcasting Network’s White House correspondent David Brody said in a panel discussion that many evangelicals believe President Donald Trump is “God’s chosen candidate.”

On Sunday, NBC News’ “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd asked Brody about a Thursday op-ed by Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson, a “nevertrump” evangelical who worked in the George W. Bush administration.

The Supreme Court nomination will unite conservatives and help Trump win the midterm elections, Gerson argued.

“It is a reminder of Trump’s adherence to the deal he made with evangelical Christian (and other religiously conservative) supporters: Ignore my bigotry and bad character, and all the kingdoms of the courts, from lowest to highest, will verily be yours,” he added.

When asked to respond to that quote, Brody agreed that “evangelicals voted for this president predominantly, especially the ones that were on the fence,” and clarified in reference to Trump’s enthusiastic supporters, “I’m not talking about the ones that were showing up in Alabama in those rallies, but the ones that kind of came with their nose held, to a degree.”

Brody continued, “They voted for him for the Supreme Court. And here we are. And many of these Evangelicals believe, and I know this is shocking to a lot of folks, but they believe he is God’s chosen candidate for such a time as this.”

The CBN correspondent continued that that’s “the word on the street in the evangelical world.”

“And so along comes a second Supreme Court nomination. And they’re, like, ‘Well, here you go. We,’ as in evangelicals, ‘have a chance to reshape this Court for a long time.’ I think it’ll be interesting to see, in terms of reshaping the Court, [Sens. Lisa] Murkowski and [Susan] Collins. You know, everybody talks about the big Supreme Court fight to come. I think the fight’s right now. The fight right now is how is this candidate going to be defined in terms of in Trump’s mind. How much Murkowski and Collins, potentially others, can get to this.”

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Source: Christian Post