Anti-Semitism Sparks Mass Return to Israel, Fulfilling End Times Bible Prophecy

Five hundred Jewish immigrants from France and the Ukraine were welcomed by Jewish and Christian leaders earlier this week at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport – part of a mass return to their homeland that was prophesied in the Bible in the Old Testament.

As Israel celebrates its 70th anniversary of being reestablished as a nation after two millennia of its people being dispersed across the world, hundreds are returning home – marking a sign of the End Times to fulfill Bible prophesy heading toward the Second Coming of Christ.

The mass return to the modern-day Jewish State is called “aliyah” in Hebrew, which means “going up to the land of Israel,” and over the years, thousands of new immigrants have joined millions of other Jews who have already returned home in this period that many Bible scholars have recognized as the last days.

Anti-Semitism in France speeding up aliyah

Outgoing Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharaksy and the nonprofit group’s new chairman, Isaac Herzog, greeted one of the latest batches of Jews to return to Israel – most of whom are escaping religious persecution suffered in France as a result of the increasing Muslim population spurred by the so-called “refugee crisis.”

“Nearly 200 of these brand-new, soon-to-be Israelis are from France, and many of them are children,” CBN News announced. “France is just one of a number of countries in Europe and throughout the globe where the danger to Jews is growing.”

Angels of Zion Director Danielle Mor said that the hatred of Jews in Europe is nothing new – as was especially witnessed during the holocaust of World War II – but most of today’s anti-Semitism is at the hands of militant Muslims, not Nazis, who refer to Israel as “Little Satan.”

“It’s very concerning what’s happening in western Europe [and] also in other parts of the world, where you see anti-Semitism raising its ugly head – whether it’s in the form of anti-Semitism or anti-Israel sentiments, which are basically just masking anti-Semitism,” Mor told CBN News.

She stressed that the Jewish Agency’s promise to offer Jews throughout the world a safe haven back in Israel has been kept since 1948 – when Israel was put back on the map as a nation after being eradicated 2,000 years ago.

“Never again!” Mor exclaimed. “Never again will there be a Jewish person who is in danger, who is full of hope, who wants to come to Israel and the doors are closed.”

Thierry Haddad – a French Jew newly arrived from France – shared how anti-Semitic violence spurred by Islam and carried out by its adherents helped him make up his mind to make the move to Israel.

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SOURCE: One News Now, Michael F. Haverluck