Alaska Church Volunteers Make Hygiene Kits for Liberian Girls

FAIRBANKS — Every Tuesday morning, for the past two years, members of Life Lutheran Church in North Pole get together to help women who live in rural Liberia.

They create hygiene kits for women and distribute them through their Liberia mission, which is dedicated to helping the Kuwaa people. Initially, that help meant helping them acquire safe, clean water by hand-digging wells in the country.

“Two years ago, we broadened our mission into working with women and girls and providing health kits — menstrual kits — for them, as they don’t have anything,” said Karen Kuhnert, who came up with the project. “It kind of blossomed into a Days for Girls project, but we started making them on our own, using their format.”

Days for Girls is a global movement that prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual health solutions to girls who would otherwise miss school during their monthly periods.

This year, church members have created 150 kits to send to Liberia. They go overseas in a connex, destined for Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. There, they are earmarked for the Kuwaa mission, someone picks them up and “travels upcountry to the people,” she said. A nurse distributes the kits, explains how they work and how to take care of them.

“This is so girls can continue to go to school while having their menstrual cycle. Otherwise, they cannot,” she said.

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SOURCE: Kris Capps
Daily News-Miner