Woman Buys Old Greyhound Bus for $7,000 and Spends Three Years Remodeling It Into a Mobile Home

Transformation: Jessie Lipskin, 30, spent years converting a 1966 GMC Greyhound Commuter bus into a cute and chic mobile home

A woman has purchased the home of her dreams in the form of a bus that she transformed into an adorable and cozy mobile home complete with hardwood floors, a kitchen and two sleeping areas.

Jessie Lipskin, 30, from Manhattan, was scrolling through eBay one day when she came across a 1966 GMC Greyhound Commuter bus, which happens to be the same model Keanu Reeves drove on the 1994 film Speed, and instantly bought it.

What followed were three years of remodeling the bus, which cost $7,000 to purchase and more than $70,000 to restore, into a home on wheels so she could combine her desire to down-size.

Some of the renovations and additions she made to the bus included LED lighting with dimmers, a kitchen with a large sink, drawers, wooden countertops and an oven and stove top. It also houses an energy-efficient washing machine and drying spinner, an instant hot water heater, a full bathroom with a standing shower along with a separate closet and two central air units both of which have individual thermostats.

Before: The bus before Jessie converted into a eco-friendly and cozy living space. The bus happens to be the same model Keanu Reeves drove on the 1994 film Speed
After: Once Jessie made the necessary updates to her mobile home, which featured hardwood floors, the final product turned out wonderfully
On the road: Jessie said she purchased a bus because she wanted to ‘experience life’ and saw that people were miserable working their day jobs

And while $70,000 may seem like a lot, the average price of a Manhattan apartment is more than two million dollars so with the purchase of a mobile home, Jessie was able to save some bucks and live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

‘My first draw to the alternative sustainable lifestyle was the documentary Garbage Warrior,’ Jessie said in a post on Apartment Therapy. ‘It really resonated with me. I began to consume everything I could read, more about sustainable lifestyles. Ultimately, a home on wheels seemed like a perfect solution.’

The 2007 documentary follows architect and sustainable living crusader Mike Reynolds and his environmentally conscious houses along with his quest to change building code laws in New Mexico.

For Jessie, a home on wheels meant that she could easily explore new places because finding a permanent place to settle, at least in the short term, was not a priority for her and she could continue to live a vegan lifestyle and cut down on material objects.

‘I was working very long hours in finance at the time and I felt like there was something else out there,’ she told ABC News. ‘I saw people were holding onto what I felt was way too much stuff.’

Not cheap: The bus cost $7,000 to purchase and Jessie spent more than $70,000 in renovations, which took three years to complete