Why Firing Paige Patterson From the Presidency of SWBTS Was a Serious Mistake by Norman L. Geisler

First of all, it was done at the wrong time. Dr. Patterson was close to retirement age. They should have waited and allowed him to retire honourably and properly.

Second, it was done to the wrong person. He did nothing worthy of being fired. No biblical grounds were given, let alone, seriously considered. There are numerous Christian leaders who have committed sins worthy of discipline. Patterson is not one of them; he hasn’t committed any such sins. On the contrary, he has done many things worthy of exaltation. In fact, he is one of the top conservative Christian leaders of our day. Indeed, I have long contended that a bronze statue should be erected in his honour in Nashville. I still do.

Third, it was done the wrong way. It was done too quickly—within hours. This did not give proper time for reflection, interaction, and thoughtful action.

Fourth, it was done on the wrong grounds. The vote was a mere majority of the Trustees present. For a significant event like this it should have been at least a two-thirds or more majority vote.

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Source: Christian Post