WATCH: Troubling Video Shows Immigrant Girls Separated from Parents Being Led Into Foster Home in NYC, Then Leaving With Blankets Over Their Heads

A troubling report from New York’s Spectrum News 1 shows girls who have reportedly been separated from their immigrant parents at America’s southern border being led into a foster home in East Harlem, NYC.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said that at least 70 immigrant children have been brought to New York to be processed by the Cayuga Centers. Among other programs, the Cayuga Centers runs a foster care program in New York for immigrant children.

The video shows little girls being led by a woman at 12:45 AM down an empty street. Reporter Josh Robin said the woman reportedly denied that they had been separated from their parents. He also heard them conversing in Spanish.

About an hour after entering a building that houses the Cayuga Centers, the girls are filmed leaving the center with what looks like blankets over their heads. They are accompanied by a male and female adult who have no official or professional dress, badges, or other identification that marks them as authorized immigration officials.

Why is this happening after midnight? In the words of the rock band Dorothy, “Nothing good comes after midnight.”

Why are these children, separated from their parents at the southern border, in New York of all places?

Why are there blankets over the children’s heads when they come out of the building? Is it to protect the children? Hide them from the media? Or keep them from knowing where they are going?

Where will these children end up? And does the U.S. government have a plan to reconnect these kids with their families?

–Joshua James