Listen: Pastor Chris Sonksen Encourages Christians to Quit Casual Approach to Church & God

Pastor Chris Sonksen is on a mission to encourage Christians to “quit church” — but his quest isn’t quite what you’d think. Sonksen, author of the new book, “Quit Church: Because Your Life Would Be Better If You Did,” recently told “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” that he’s concerned over the “common threads of weakening spiritual behaviors in people’s lives.”

The preacher, who is committed to offering solutions, doesn’t want people to literally quit worshiping at church as much as he wants believers to rethink their approach to living their faith out.

“The idea of ‘Quit Church’ isn’t to quit church,” he said. “It’s to quit our approach that we currently have towards church and the things of God.”

Complacency and half-heartedness, he argued, have led many Christians to rob “themselves so much of all that God has for their life.” These people are essentially saying, “I want all of God’s blessings, but I’m only going in ankle deep.”

Sonksen said that this is simply not good enough and encouraged believers to form a deeper connection to God and their faith. He also detailed some of the ways he believes modern churches have gone wrong, accusing some of being “non-relatable” to outside communities.

“We go to a third-world country and we adjust to their culture, then we go to our own backyard and we don’t adjust to that culture,” Sonksen said, encouraging Christians to work more diligently to connect with people outside the faith.

Sonksen went on to encourage Christians and churches not to take their infighting public, warning that a message of disunity can be a major turn-off to the outside world. In this same vein, he also addressed some believers’ decisions to leave churches over benign issues.

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Source: Christian Post