Julius Caesar Had ‘Crazy Bulge’ on His Head from Birth as New 3D Reconstruction is Revealed

Julius Caesar, the reviled and revered Roman ruler, has gotten a new look, thanks to a recent 3D reconstruction of his face and head.

The National Museum of Antiquities in the Netherlands unveiled the new bust Friday, giving viewers a fascinating image of what Caesar would have looked like in real life — complete with a huge bump covering part of his head.

“So he has a crazy bulge on his head,” said physical anthropologist Maja d’Hollosy, the person behind the reconstruction, according to Dutch newspaper, HLN.

“A doctor said that such a thing occurs in a heavy delivery,” she said. “You do not invent that as an artist.”

The reconstruction was made on the basis of a 3D scan of a marble portrait in the museum’s collection.

“The piece of sculpture is pretty damaged,” the museum said in a news release. “That is why it was decided to supplement the disappeared parts, such as nose and chin, on the basis of a second portrait of Julius Caesar: the so-called Tusculum bust.”

The museum said the 3D reconstruction will be on display until the end of August.

SOURCE: Fox News, Robert Gearty