WATCH: SNL Targets Eating Habits of Black Church Folk With “Gospel Brunch”

Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones look on as Amy Schumer loads an entire pecan pie into a blender for a "healthy smoothie."
Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones look on as Amy Schumer loads an entire pecan pie into a blender for a “healthy smoothie.”

Saturday Night Live is known for its skewering of politics and government. But on its most recent episode, it took aim at an institution in the black community — the black church and, primarily, the bad eating habits of its people.

In a skit titled  “Gospel Brunch,” Kenan Thompson and Leslie Jones, backed by a traditional gospel choir, play the hosts of a cooking show in Huntsville, AL. After proclaiming the show’s intent to “show you how to make Southern cooking with soul — from fried chicken to fried okra,” they ask the pianist, Deacon Mac (Chris Redd), how his brother is doing.

“He’s not doing too good,” Mac says. “He just had a sextuple bypass surgery.”

“A sextuple?” the hosts ask in shock.

“Yeah,” Mac replies. “By the time they unclogged four chambers of his heart, two more got clogged up right on the operating table. But he’s doing better, praise God.”

“It seems like there’s a new case of heart disease or diabetes around here every week,” Jones remarks, before sliding right into the introduction of the episode’s featured dishes: “Honey butter fried pork casserole” and “Traci’s famous mac and cheese with bacon potato chips.”

After quickly dismissing an atheist chef (Cecily Strong), the hosts introduce Kayla (Amy Schumer) who has just released a cookbook, Eating Healthy the Southern Way.

Kayla promotes such “healthy” eating options as “vegetarian biscuits and gravy” — made with “100% no meat except for a little bit of chicken and a whole lot of sauce.” “You gotta make it edible!” she says.

“A great way to get healthy is through a smoothie,” she continues. “If it’s through a straw, it’s healthy, and that’s a fact.” But Kayla’s healthy smoothie “tastes just like pecan pie.” That’s because it’s a blend of “ice, low-fat milk, banana, cinnamon, and a little whole pecan pie,” Kayla says as she loads an entire pecan pie into the blender.

Before Kayla proceeds with more “healthy tips,” the hosts “take a moment to acknowledge the friends who have passed from heart disease, diabetes, and sugar foot.”

“It is such a shame,” Thompson says. “I don’t know why this keeps happening.”

Yeah. I don’t know either.

–Joshua James