Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church is Showing “Black Panther” this Weekend

The North Carolina megachurch, Elevation Church, pastored by Steven Furtick, is playing Marvel’s hit movie, Black Panther, this weekend.

A Facebook post announced that the film will be aired following Saturday night worship services at the church’s Matthews, N.C., campus.

We will be playing the movie Black Panther immediately following the Sat night 5pm worship Experience. If you want to know if its appropriate for youth and children, please check out for the reviews.

Black Panther has proven to have broad appeal across race, age, and religious demographic lines. While many churches, particularly black churches, have embraced the film and even bought out theaters so whole communities could see it, this is the first time it’s been reported that the film will be played inside a building set aside for Christian worship.

–Joshua James