Is this Another Southern Baptist/Evangelical High Tech Lynching of a Great Man of God for a Mistake Made?

It is common knowledge that Southern Baptist pastors, deacons, and church members participated in and attended the lynching of Negroes for years in the South and thought they were doing God’s service. Well, that damnable spirit of lynching is still in the Southern Baptist Convention and has spread into the Evangelical Bible churches as well. The lynching, today, however, is done to their own good white brothers who are trying to do the right thing.

Allow me to name a few: Richard Land, Marc Driscoll, Russell Moore, now Paige Patterson. I am not going to get into the weeds with each case, but suffice it to say none of these men deserved the lynching they have received and there are many Christians, even in the Southern Baptist Convention, who agree with me. I am not going to mention the hi-tech lynching of the most influential black pastor in the Southern Baptist Convention, Pastor Dwight McKissic, because the image of that is too painful for us to bear.

Be that as it may, let me say here, even though I am black and not part of the Southern Baptist Convention, I love the Southern Baptist Convention and I still believe that they are the only “protestant” convention that can bring Bible believers together for revival and evangelism. But I also see them as the most organized spiritually dead group of people on the American landscape and that is one of the reasons why nearly every year we have a hi-tech lynching of a godly man.

This year, it is Dr. Paige Patterson who made some ill-advised statements over twenty years ago. Are you kidding me? Without Paige Patterson there would not be a Southern Baptist Convention to go to in June. Cut the rope and stop this lynching!

–David Paul