Tyrone Hankerson Jr., Student at Center of Howard University Financial Aid Scandal, to Sue School for $10 Million

Tyrone Hankerson Jr.

The student at the center of the Howard University financial aid scandal is planning to sue the university for $10 million for leaking his financial records.

Tyrone Hankerson Jr.’s lawyer, James Walker, tells WAMU that he’s drafted a lawsuit that he expects to file in D.C. Superior court later Friday.

Hankerson was thrust into the spotlight after an anonymous whistleblower posted on the blog Medium that the student employee had embezzled more than $400,000 in funds that were supposed to help low-income students.

Pictures of Hankerson wearing expensive clothes quickly went viral on social media.

Following the uproar over the anonymous Medium post, which was later taken down, Howard University president Wayne Frederick said that six employees in the financial aid office had been fired for misappropriating funds, although the amount was not released.

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SOURCE: WAMU 88.5, Patrick Madden