Scientists Say Babies Born After IVF Treatments May Have Greater Heart Disease Risk

Children who are born with the use of intensive IVF treatment could have a greater risk of developing heart disease later in life compared to those conceived naturally, according to scientists who will make presentations at a U.K.-based group’s conference this week.

The issue will be discussed at the annual conference of ISMAAR, which promotes education, training and research into mild approaches in assisted reproduction, to be held Thursday and Friday in London, Daily Mail reported, quoting the group’s president, Prof. Geeta Nargund.

Fertility clinics administer high doses of powerful drugs to stimulate egg production, which could cause higher blood pressure and stiffness and thickness of arteries, according to some scientists.

The United Kingdom has about 66,000 IVF children, many of whom are suspected to be born through the “high stimulation” approach.

This approach could also result in poor quality eggs and compromised wombs due to extreme levels of the hormone oestrogen, Nargund was quoted as saying.

Prof. Anja Pinborg of Copenhagen University was quoted as saying that there may not be sufficient evidence yet of IVF children suffering more heart disease in adulthood, but “it’s still debatable.”

Pinborg will also make a presentation at the ISMAAR conference.

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Source: Christian Post