Robert Jeffress Shares 2 Key Extra-Biblical Pieces of Evidence Proving Jesus’ Resurrection

Ahead of Easter Sunday, Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Dallas, shared two key pieces of evidence found outside the Bible for the literal, historical accuracy of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

Jeffress told The Christian Post that his Easter Sunday message, “The Resurrection: Foolish, Fake News or Fact?” will use extra biblical sources to make a case for the resurrection of Christ and will hopefully appeal to skeptics who doubt reality of life after death.

“Easter fell on April’s Fools day, and I thought it would be interesting to try to combine the two in a message,” he told CP. “We’re gonna be looking at evidence outside of the Bible for whether Christ really arose from the dead.”

The author and Fox News contributor said that one point he will make in his sermon is that the early acceptance of Christianity — and especially the resurrection — argues for the validity of the message.

“Unlike what liberal scholars used to tell us, that the Bible was written, especially the Gospel, many decades after the events of Christ, even the most liberal scholars will tell you now that the Gospels were written within a few years of the events that they purport to tell,” he explained.

“So, the fact that the resurrection account came right after Jesus’ life and was widely embraced by people I think argues to its authenticity. As experts tell us, a fictitious event, has to be reported maybe several hundred years after an event before it can gain credibility and corrupt the original source. People in the beginning were willing to die for this truth that Jesus was raised from the dead.”

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Source: Christian Post