Craig Groeschel of Life.Church on Why It’s Difficult to Measure Church Success

Life.Church Senior Pastor Craig Groeschel acknowledged that it is hard to measure success when it comes to church ministries.

“It’s difficult to measure success in leading people spiritually. How do you accurately gauge if people are growing closer to God?” said Groeschel in an interview with The Oklahoman.

Life.Church is a multisite church with locations in nine states that draw tens of thousands of worshipers a week, and is known for its technological outreach via livestreaming their services and the widely downloaded Bible App.

Groeschel explained that he believed it was difficult to measure how well a church is doing, because it goes beyond just membership numbers.

Since they “can’t calculate what happens in people’s hearts,” they try to “focus on what we believe helps people grow spiritually,” the pastor said. This includes measuring the number of members who are actively serving the church and involvement in small groups.

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Source: Christian Post