Christian & Missionary Alliance Won’t Discipline Ravi Zacharias After Reviewing Accusations of Misrepresenting Credentials & Alleged Affair

The Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination has decided not to discipline apologist and author Ravi Zacharias following a review of the accusations against him regarding credential misrepresentation and an alleged affair.

In a statement posted on the Christian & Missionary Alliance website Monday, the denomination said that evidence does not warrant discipline under its policy.

“Ravi Zacharias has maintained his licensing credentials through The Christian and Missionary Alliance for 45 years. Along with all C&MA licensed workers, he is subject to the Uniform Policy on Discipline, Restoration, and Appeal,” the statement read, noting that he has in recent months been accused of inflating his academic credentials.

“Mr. Zacharias and his employer, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, have revised and clarified their communications to address these concerns. The C&MA has determined that there is no basis for formal discipline regarding this matter.”

The Christian Post has contacted RZIM to request interviews but has yet to receive a response.

Zacharias was also accused of having an illicit relationship with a woman through electronic communications. The C&MA said they performed a thorough inquiry about this, “including interviews with those involved and a review of all available documentation and records.

“While it is not appropriate to publicly discuss the nuances of these allegations, the available evidence does not provide a basis for formal discipline under the C&MA policy.”

Allegations that the popular apologist had misrepresented his academic credentials emerged in November when attorney Steve Baughman wrote of his lengthy investigation into Zacharias on the website Ordinary Times.

Although often referred to as “Dr.” Ravi Zacharias — the professional designation has appeared on some of his materials and on the ministry’s website — the apologist has never earned an actual doctoral degree of any kind and has only been conferred honorary doctorates from certain Christian institutions.

Baughman also unpacked claims that Zacharias had been a “visiting scholar at Cambridge University” when in fact he only spent a few months attending lectures at Ridley Hall, which is affiliated with the university but is not officially part of the school. Zacharias’ Christian publishers like Thomas Nelson, a division of HarperCollins, have at times furthered that stretch, referring to him as “Cambridge educated.”

In a December statement, RZIM maintained that neither Zacharias nor the ministry ever knowingly misrepresented his credentials, and no longer use the “Dr.” prefix.

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Source: Christian Post