Bible Answer Man Explains Jesus’ Second Coming Will Be Physical, Millions of Christians Will Have New Bodies

“Bible Answer Man” Hank Hanegraaff has said that the Second Coming of Jesus will be physical, with Christ appearing physically to the world.

Hanegraaff, who is president of the Christian Research Institute, responded to a listener’s question on his video podcast uploaded to Facebook on Monday, by declaring that people will definitely know when Jesus returns.

“He (Jesus) will put all things to right. Which is to say, the universe that now groans in travail will be liberated from its bondage [and] decay,” he said, adding that sin and Satan will be defeated.

The listener asked whether Jesus will be walking the streets, to which Hanegraaff responded: “Jesus appears physically — of that there is no doubt. The Christian faith is not platonic, it is physical. That is one of the reasons God used physical objects on this Earth to point to spiritual verities.”

“The Christian faith is very, very physical,” he reiterated, noting that certain traditions make use of bones and altars due to the belief in resurrection.

“Christ was raised physically from the dead. He ascended physically into Heaven, He transcends time and space, and He will return again physically, and we will be resurrected physically,” the Bible Answer Man continued, explaining that believers will “welcome in the Master to a restored universe.”

Hanegraaff added that people will have resurrected bodies according to the promise of Jesus, with the universe itself going through transformation.

While the CRI president could not say what the new bodies will look like, he said that nature provides some interesting examples. He pointed to the Caterpillar, which goes through the process of metamorphosis, where its old body dissolves in a molecular mixture, before it re-emerges as a butterfly.

“I know that it will be wonderful, because the Bible describes it as glorious,” he said of the transformation humans will go through.

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Source: Christian Post